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Our Story

It all started out as a simple vacation to South Beach!

In 1995, David, a native of Aix-en-Provence (a small town North of Marseilles in the South of France) came to enjoy the world famous beach haven. Besides having a fantastic experience, the trip left David with two important thoughts that would forever change the course of his life:

First, he fell deeply in love with the culture, the atmosphere and the overall vibe and joy of life that South Beach had to offer. An incredibly potent love seed was planted and he knew that ultimately he would return. The second material thought was that regardless of how wonderful South Beach was, with many fantastic and fancy hotels and restaurants, David could not find a single piece of REAL quality bread.

With a true entrepreneur’s heart and his ability to dream big, David was determined to return to Miami to provide the South Beach community with the only thing that he so passionately felt was missing: Real authentic bread made using traditional French methods. Never frozen and never using preservatives.

And with this ambitious thought in mind, David took several jobs at local bakeries in Aix-en-Provence and for 2 years studied the art of baking using classic French techniques under the watchful eyes of well established bakers. In 1997, the circle was completed and David returned to Miami Beach and opened the first La Provence French Bakery and Café in South Beach providing tourists and locals with a unique South of France experience in the heart of South Beach at Collins Ave and Lincoln Road.

Almost overnight, La Provence earned a strong reputation with all the top hotels and restaurants as the premier supplier of authentic French baked goods in Miami. A second store was opened in 2000 in nearby Coral Gables and in 2004, David met his current partner, Neil, who comes from Montréal, Québec in French Canada and together they reinvented their Bakery-Café concept with the idea of opening more stores in the Miami area and bringing their passion for quality to as many corners as possible. Currently with 9 stores in and around Miami and some ambitious plans in mind, the story continues…

Our Bakers

In Miami, La Provence has earned itself a great reputation for being unmatched in the industry. Our bakers adhere to strict and authentic French techniques when baking breads. Each one of our bakers has been trained by David himself and only those who can master the hand techniques and the total understanding of the fermentation process and the use of Levain as a natural yeast remain part of this elite and unique team.

Never frozen and never with preservatives, La Provence bakes all products fresh every day for immediate consumption using only natural ingredients. The 7000 sq.ft. central commissary handles all the production, and delivers twice daily to our various retail and wholesale customers.

Our Quality

There is really only one determining factor for quality: Taste!

La Provence holds itself to the highest standards when baking. From the mixing process to the skills required for the dough to develop its flavors through fermentation and, finally, the patience needed for correct proofing, no step is rushed or skipped (or simulated by using chemicals).

Sometimes taking 48 hours to develop the correct flavor, we take the time and get it just right. Speak to many of the executive chefs throughout Miami who agree that La Provence has quality unmatched in Miami.