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Our Story

It all started out as a simple vacation to South Beach!

In 1995, David, a native of Aix-en-Provence (a small town North of Marseilles in the South of France) came to enjoy the world famous beach haven. Besides having a fantastic experience, the trip left David with two important thoughts that would forever change the course of his life:

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Our Bakers

In Miami, La Provence has earned itself a great reputation for being unmatched in the industry.

Our bakers adhere to strict and authentic French techniques when baking breads. Each one of our bakers has been trained by David himself and only those who can master the hand techniques and the total understanding of the fermentation process and the use...

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Our Quality

There is really only one determining factor for quality: Taste!

La Provence holds itself to the highest standard when baking. From the mixing process to the patience required for the dough to takes its air and flavors through fermentation and proofing, no step is skipped or rushed (or simulated by using chemicals).

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